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september 2019 update (+$36)

Just barely eked out positive cash flow due to continued uneven payments. Continuing to embrace the chaos with these “C class” properties.

august 2019 update (+$172)

No issues, but tenant keeps paying in uneven installments. I get periodic updates from my PM and other than that try not to stick my head in.

july 2019 update (+$577)

No issues, tenant paying in installments, but the total amount due eventually comes in every month.

june 2019 update (+$570)

No issues, collected some late fee income.

may 2019 update (+$464)

No issues and tenants paid in full.

april 2019 update (+$558)

Tenants are all caught up and now want to stay for another year! PM did a great job of navigating this and hopefully has turned a bad situation into a potential long term tenant.

march 2019 update (+$2,145)

Wow, tenants continue to get caught up in spurts. I’m continuing to ride this roller coaster!

February 2019 update (+$354)

No issues, except tenant keeps paying in installments. Property manager is working closely with them.

january 2019 update (+$1,433)

Another big month as the tenant continues to catch up on late payments. Wow!

December 2018 update (+$852)

I’ve never seen this before - the tenant has been catching up on payments like crazy since being taken to court. The jury is still out on what will happen, but again I commend the tenants for getting their act together.

November 2018 update (-$135)

This tenant is never catching up and my PM has filed for eviction. Major bummer since I’m just digging out of an eviction next door! Interestingly, they are still trying to make payments to catch up, which I commend them for. But they are just way too far in the hole.

October 2018 update (+$168)

More uneven payments. Looks like they will be moving out early in the next few months.

September 2018 update (+$84)

The tenant is paying but just in uneven payments. I hate playing this game but it is what it is. They are catching up very slowly. Next month will look better.

august 2018 update (+$786)

The tenant finally got a new job and has begun playing the catch up game - paying more towards rent every 2 weeks on pay day.  I'm good with this for now and hope that they get caught up quickly - for my sake AND for the tenant's sake.

july 2018 update (-$679)

SMH.  Both Lightning #1 and #2 fell flat on their faces this month.  We have at least been getting some payments and some contact with this tenant.  He finally got a job and we are expecting payments starting on his first pay day.  We came close to evicting this tenant (along with Lightning #2) and are still close but he's shown enough goodwill to make us believe he will come through.

June 2018 update ($+33)

Very concerning to hear from my property manager that the tenant is already having trouble making payments.  Apparently they switched jobs which caused the interruption in their personal cash flow.  We are monitoring this situation very carefully - I don't like playing this game of wondering if/when the payments are coming.

May 2018 update (+$528)

First update for my first Central PA BRRRR! I've been waiting to add this property to my reporting until the property was "stabilized" (rehab was done, tenant placed, initial tenant placement fee paid, refinance complete, and initial mortgage payment was paid).

The first month is looking good with no issues! Lightning #2 will be added next month.

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