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Bat Cave.png

october 2018 update (-$5)

Tenant is already having payment issues which is obviously a huge bummer. I am grateful that I have a property manager who takes on the tenant babysitting that is required when this happens. I am working with him on raising tenant screening standards for my properties, which hopefully will yield better results on filling future vacancies. Until then, we ride the roller coaster.

September 2018 update (+$380)

First update for the latest rental to come “online” - refi complete, got a tenant and paid lease-up fee, and made the first mortgage payment. This was my first deal from direct mail. In terms of baseball this deal is a single or maybe even a bunt. The expectations have been raised and a 15%-20% projected cash-on-cash return is the absolute minimum acceptable return. I took this deal due to a few factors, including that it is right down the street from Lightning #1 and Lightning #2.

Why am I calling it the Bat Cave? Well, I’m running out of creative names for properties and the tenant thought there were bats in the house when they moved in (there weren’t).