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About Real Life Rentals

Real Life Rentals is an authentic source for information about buy and hold real estate investing.  

Many real estate resources (blogs, websites, books) either will try to sell you something or will gloss over some of the most important advice (or warnings) that you need to know before getting started.  Real Life Rentals is not one of those resources.  

I've been a buy and hold real estate investor since 2015.  I will always continue to learn, but I've gained some valuable experience and Real Life Rentals is my way of sharing it.

Mission Statement

My mission at Real Life Rentals is to provide my readers with the following:

  1. Outstanding metric reporting from my own portfolio - I want to show you how my properties are actually performing. No theoretical numbers here - Just cold hard facts, updated every month.

  2. Blog articles based on my own experiences - I want to share with you some of my tactics, strategies, lessons learned, and inspiration.

  3. Referrals made with integrity - I'm happy to share some details about my trusted providers; just reach out via the Contact Me page.

about me

I'm in my early 30's with a great wife and two young sons.  My wife and I both have successful engineering careers but we don't see ourselves continuing to do what we're doing until we're 65.  A few years ago, we made the decision to reach financial freedom at a young age and have been working on building our ideal lifestyle ever since.



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